GUDMAP/RBK Analytics

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This is a funded project for the GUDMAP/RBK consortium to provide common analytics for submitted data to facilitate aggregation across disparate experiments. Phase one of this project is the creation of a RNA-sequencing analytic tool. This tool utilizes best-practices analytics for this data type and provides significant data quality outputs. In an effort to assess and correct metadata quality for these experiments, all required parameters are inferred directly from submitted data and output back to the data-hub. The tool seamlessly integrates with data-hub developed tools for authentication and data egress. Automated triggering using AWS cloud architecture was implemented to queue the running of data sets and scaling compute resources to match the need.


  • Project Manager
    • Managed interactions with all stakeholders (inter and intra-organization)
  • Engineer
    • Primary Nextflow pipeline engineer
    • Product owner
    • Managed a small team of contributing engineers
    • Prioritized feature development
    • Iteration execution
    • Collaborated on integration with the consortium
  • AWS Cloud Architect
    • Architect AWS resources for off-site submissions for analysis in the cloud (see Nextflow Cloud project)
    • Architect and deploy AWS tools for tracking production runs and data QC metrices for internal tracking and collation